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Cheap Novox for Dogs

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Cheap Novox for Dogs is a great alternative to Rimadyl for those looking to save a little extra money.  Novox is the first FDA approved generic Rimadyl product.  That means you get the same drug (Carprofen) in the same quantities and of the same quality as that provided in branded Rimadyl, but at a far lower price.

If you vet prescribes Rimadyl, they are really prescribing its ingredient Carprofen as it is that which has the medicinal value for your dog, inhibiting the enzymes that cause pain and inflammation.  Buy choosing discount Novox instead of branded Rimadyl for Dogs you are still offering exactly the same treatment, the only difference is the price.

The FDA require that generic pet meds are interchangeable with their branded counterpart so it makes no difference to our dogs which we choose to use for them.  You can find out all about the FDA guidelines on generic pet medicines here.  Probably the most important point that concerns most pet owners is shown below;

Are generic animal drugs as safe as the original drugs?

Under the provisions of the Generic Animal Drug and Patent Term Restoration Act (GADPTRA), the sponsor of a generic animal drug product must submit an Abbreviated New Animal Drug Application (ANADA) for review and approval before the product can be legally marketed. The generic product and its uses must be the same as those of an approved animal drug, with certain exceptions, and it must be demonstrated that the generic product is bioequivalent to the approved product.

Of course if you have any concerns just check with your vet.  They tend to prescribe brands because those are the names pet owners are familiar with.  But, they really just want your dog to get the right treatment and in the case of Rimadyl that treatment is the NSAID Carprofen.  So you don’t need to worry so long as your dog is getting the right dose of that, they won’t care whether it is in a pretty Rimadyl bottle or a Cheap Novox for Dogs one.

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